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Limitations & Rate Limit

Max request size

The max request size for both Smartscan and Autosuggest is 10485760 Bytes (10Mb) - requests bigger than the max request size will result in a 413 response.

Rate limiting

All projects of the API will be by default limited to:

  • 400 requests per rolling minute
  • 15 burst requests per rolling second

These limits are enforced per endpoint. As an example, exhausting the limits on endpoint A will not affect rate limits on endpoint B.

To adjust the rate limits please reach out to the support.

Every API response will return the following rate limit headers:

x-ratelimit-limit: The number of burst requests the current API token can perform.

x-ratelimit-remaining: The number of burst requests left.

retry-after: If you have been ratelimited based on the above headers, this indicates how many seconds until you are allowed to send traffic again. and always -1 if the action was allowed.

x-ratelimit-reset: The number of seconds until the limit will reset to its maximum capacity.