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Quick Start Guide

Get Started

Our developer-friendly APIs are designed to be seamlessly integrated into your product. To ensure a smooth onboarding experience, we provide comprehensive API documentation, FAQs, a rich collection of code examples, SDKs, and developer support via Slack or e-mail.

How to onboard?

  • Visma Company: We offer self-sign-up for Visma email holders, where you can set up a project from the Development Portal as described in the Quick Start Guide below.

  • Not a Visma Company: To get access to the API, contact us at

Quick Start Guide for Visma companies


Self sign up and access to the portal requires a Visma e-mail. Contact us or write us on our Visma slack channel and we can provide you with a token, which you can use to access our API.

  1. Self sign up from the Development Portal:
  2. Create a Project:
    • Sign up and create a project.
    • Please include your product name as the project name.
  3. Obtain a Token
    • You'll be asked to create a token the first time you create a project.
    • Alternatively, you can also navigate to the Tokens section in the sidebar of the Portal and generate a project token there.
    • Refer to the Authentication for more information.
  4. Optional: Add team members
    • If needed, manage access to the project by adding team members in the Users section.
  5. Explore SDKs
  6. Follow API-specific guides:
  7. Run Validation Tests on Staging
    • Ensure a robust integration by testing on our Staging environment, before deploying to the production environment.

Need help? Find our contact information in the Support section.