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Use Visma Smartscan and AutoSuggest

Visma Smartscan is Visma's industry leading OCR and Data Capture API for invoices and receipts. Blazingly fast, the API has an unbeaten field support and quality for documents from the Nordics, Netherlands and neighboring countries.

Visma AutoSuggest is the process automation toolkit for ERPs. Built for transaction workflows - AutoSuggest is capable of learning the manual decisions in your transaction workflow and simplifies bookkeeping tasks.

Look for Smartscan and AutoSuggest in your Visma business system


Visma Smartscan and AutoSuggest are used by thousands of businesses - including the customers of close to 20 Visma companies.

  • Smartscan processes more than 5 million documents per month
  • AutoSuggest processes more than 30 million transactions per month

Want to integrate Smartscan or AutoSuggest in your system?

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If you simply want to find out how our API's work - take a look at Smartscan or AutoSuggest.

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