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Feature List

Which Data Fields can Smartscan extract?

Below is an overview of all the features we support.

The total amount, supplier name, and the issued date on are essential parts of a business document. Smartscan also provides more details from the receipt based on the region, such as IBAN, Bank Account Number for European businesses, Payment IDs, etc.

  • The caller can specify which prediction operations they want the API to perform.
  • We continuously work with our integrations to expand our feature and language support. Please contact us if you would like us to look into new features.
  • Features marked * in the Premium column are only available in the Premium model tier.


The current setup of Smartscan exclusively scans the first and last pages of a PDF document. This targeted approach significantly speeds up the prediction process.


LINE ITEMS is now available in Production, released in Q1 2024.


Note that ORDER_DATE, INVOICE_NUMBER and SUPPLIER_CORPORATE_ID are deprecated and will be removed from the default set in a future release. In the case of SUPPLIER_CORPORATE_ID it's recommended that users consider using either Supplier VAT number or Supplier Org Number instead of the deprecated supplier corporate ID, which can take either form.

Feature Table

Feature name Premium Description Example
TOTAL_VAT The total VAT of the document 1.29
TOTAL_INCL_VAT The total of the document including VAT 21.50
TOTAL_EXCL_VAT The total of the document excluding VAT 20.21
CURRENCY Three-letter currency code EUR
DOCUMENT_TYPE - Support for Invoice, Receipt, Credit Note and Debit Note
- The API returns absolute values for amounts, meaning the amount is returned without indicating whether it's positive or negative.
SUPPLIER_COUNTRY_CODE Two-letter country code of the supplier's origin DK
SUPPLIER_CORPORATE_ID Deprecated. Legacy Supplier Organisation Number 11122007
SUPPLIER_ORGANISATION_NUMBER * National company ID (e.g. CVR in DK or KvK in the NL) 11122007
SUPPLIER_VAT_NUMBER * VAT number for the supplier's company (relevant in the EU) DK11122007
SUPPLIER_NAME * Name of the supplier's company Visma
SUPPLIER_ADDRESS * Address of the supplier's company Gærtorvet 3, 1799 København
RECEIVER_COUNTRY_CODE * (experimental)
RECEIVER_VAT_NUMBER * (experimental)
RECEIVER_NAME * (experimental)
RECEIVER_ADDRESS * (experimental)
RECEIVER_ORDER_NUMBER * (experimental)
DOCUMENT_DATE * The date that the document was issued 2022-10-24
ORDER_DATE Deprecated. Use Document Date instead
DOCUMENT_NUMBER * A number that identifies the document (invoice number for invoices etc.) 012782-04
INVOICE_NUMBER Deprecated. Use Document Number instead
ORDER_NUMBER * (experimental). Order number if present on e.g. an invoice 20220201-1234
CUSTOMER_NUMBER * Number that identifies the customer 12345
OCR_LINE_DK_TYPE Danish Payment info: FIK Type field +71
OCR_LINE_DK_PAYMENT_ID Danish Payment ID: FIK Debitor or payment reference 000000001010123
OCR_LINE_DK_CREDITOR_ID Danish creditor ID: FIK Account number 12345678
OCR_LINE_SE_PAYMENT_ID Swedish Payment ID :Märkning 123456789
OCR_LINE_SE_BANKGIRO_CREDITOR_ID Swedish Payment info: BankGiro 0070070
OCR_LINE_SE_PLUSGIRO_CREDITOR_ID Swedish Payment info: PlusGiro 41
OCR_LINE_NO_PAYMENT_ID Norwegian Payment ID: Kundeidentifikasjon (KID) 123456789
OCR_LINE_FI_PAYMENT_ID Finnish Payment ID: Viitenumero 123456789
OCR_LINE_NL_PAYMENT_ID Dutch Payment ID: Betalingskenmerk 123456789
OCR_LINE_BE_PAYMENT_ID * Belgian Payment ID: OGM +++123/1234/12345+++
PAYMENT_METHOD Cash, Credit Card or Bank Transfer Bank Transfer
PAYMENT_DUE_DATE The last day that the payment has to be made 2022-10-24
CREDIT_CARD_LAST_FOUR Last four digits of the credit card that was used for payment 2345
IBAN IBAN code DK50 0007 0007 1112 22
BANK_ACCOUNT_NUMBER * Bank account number 0002012345
BANK_REGISTRATION_NUMBER * Bank registration number (in countries where relevant - eg. Denmark) 0007
TEXT The full ASCII text of the document
TEXT_ANNOTATION The full OCR output for the document
LINES * Line text for invoice lines (heuristic, experimental)
PURCHASE_LINES * Line items information; description, quantity and prices
PREVIEW Base64 encoded rendering of first page of PDFs
DEFAULT A selection of frequently useful fields (see Smartscan's default list below)

Field information

  • TOTAL_INCL_VAT, TOTAL_EXCL_VAT, and TOTAL_VAT will always be returned as absolute values.
  • SUPPLIER_CORPORATE_ID: It's recommended that users consider using either Supplier VAT number or Supplier Org Number instead of the deprecated supplier corporate ID, which can take either form.
  • DOCUMENT_DATE In our system, a document cannot be dated in the future.
  • New features: Upon request, we have now released LINE ITEMS(highly requested field)but also RECEIVER_VAT_NUMBER, RECEIVER_COUNTRY_CODE,RECEIVER_ORDER_NUMBER, RECEIVER_NAME and RECEIVER_ADDRESS, since it can be common on Invoices to have both the Customer and Supplier information. These fields will continously be improved over time.
  • Upcoming features: Smartscan currently cannot predict the Order Reference, but you can provide it in the feedback calls as ORDER_REFERENCE, which we can then use in the future to train Smartscan.

Default Feature Set

The DEFAULT feature includes the following fields:


For each feature the caller can set maxResults (defaults to 1) and minConfidence (defaults to HIGH). If both DEFAULT and a specific feature is set, the (settings for the) specific feature will take precedence.