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Data Deletion

Autosuggest provides you with flexible options for data deletion, allowing you to tailor the process to your needs. You have the option to manage data by dataset names or by tagging multiple datasets with a customer ID, for easier data deletion. Delete datasets either by name, or by tag.

Delete by Dataset Name

To delete specific datasets, you can use the dataset name as a reference. This method is straightforward and effective for removing individual datasets from your system.

Delete by Tag

Alternatively, you have the option to tag datasets with identifiers, such as a customer ID, for streamlined data deletion. This method proves useful when managing multiple datasets related to a specific customer, as an example. You can define tags at creation of the dataset, by tagging it with e.g. a customer ID.

Deleting a tag removes all datasets of the relevant type associated with the specified tag. This streamlined approach is particularly beneficial when, for instance, you need to delete all data related to a particular customer.


POST v1/<dataset-type>:delete
<dataset-type> has to be substituted with bank, scanned-invoice or electronic-invoice-line depending on the data structure needed.

Authorization - Bearer Token

Token: demo

Body - raw (json)

    "name": "a-unique-string",
    "tag": "a tag",