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Dataset Type Structure

Here's how the fields are used per model type. A * indicates all fields included for a object-valued key in the JSON example above.

Field electronic-invoice-line bank scanned-invoice
transaction.* *
invoice.issue_date * *
invoice.text *
invoice.* except text *
supplier.* *
invoice_line.* *

Scanned Invoice

scanned-invoice type takes in a text of the invoice.


    "invoice": {
        "text": "OCR text of a document - or other text you have on record"

Bank Transaction

bank type takes in a text of the bank statement with the amount.


    "transaction": {
            "text": "Bank statement text info",
            "amount": 17.50

Electronic Invoice Line

electronic-invoice-line types serves as an aggregate of invoice level and line level information.

Please be aware that you need to submit each line as an individual sample, and for each sample, you need to present the invoice level information. This denormalisation aligns the data better with the data science process internally in Autosuggest.


    "invoice": {
        "issue_date": "2018-07-18T12:32:55Z",
        "customer_ref": "",
        "currency": "DKK",
        "total": 99.99,
        "supplier": {
            "id": "123",
            "name": "Acme Inc",
            "global_id": "DK30402499",
    "invoice_line": {
        "text": "1 TNT prevention device",
        "line_id": "12345"

Invoice fields

  • Issue date - presented as a timestamp in text format
  • Customer Reference - i.e. any data identifying recipient could be Invoice.AccountingCustomerParty.Party.PartyName in the Peppol specifications
  • Total - presented as a float
  • Currency - standard three letter code

Supplier fields

  • Supplier ID - your local database of the supplier
  • Supplier name
  • Global Supplier ID - e.g. the official VAT number of supplier

Invoice line fields

  • Line text - Could be Item.Description and/or InvoiceLine.Item.Name and/or InvoiceLine.Item.InvoicedQuantity
  • Line ID - A global product id - eg. InvoiceLine.Item.StandardItemIdentification in the Peppol specifications